Egypt belongs to its people!

3 Feb

A lot has been written and said about the revolution in Egypt. Some in favor, some complaining about the loss of power they are experiencing. There can be no excuse for the latter. I read an article about Israel being angry with the US because they didn’t support Mubarak. Israel clearly wants Mubarak to stay in power, and that purely out of self-interest. Maybe in the old world, this kind of attitude would have been rewarded, but I’m having the feeling that we, the people, are creating a new world. The Tunisians and the Egyptians gave everyone hope. And we must hold on to that hope, and support these kind of revolutions in every way we can. We mustn’t let the old powers take over again. I think a lot of superpowers are afraid of people standing up for their rights, and will try to do everything they can, whether openly or behind the screens, to prevent this. But we are not isolated from each other anymore. We have the media, the internet, mobile phones etc, and we are not blind.

I took a class this semester called “History of International Relations”. We learned about the Congress of Vienna (1815) after the defeat of Napoleon. This congress was designed to keep the status quo in Europe and to suppress revolutions. That’s right, we were in that place too once upon a time. They designed a system that would help the monarchies keep their power, as instability was seen as very dangerous for Europe (or should we say for the power of the people in charge in Europe). But just as we see today in the Middle East, where the dictators are trying to cling to the status quo of their power, and the people will not take it anymore, the same pattern happened in the history of Europe. There were no less than 3 waves of revolutions during the 19th century (1820-1830-1848), which spread all over Europe like wildfire.

Of course the world is very different now from how it was in the 19th century, but I do think that this proves that suppressed people will not be suppressed forever, no matter how the superpowers try to keep them there. I pray for the people of Egypt, that they may succeed in chasing Mubarak and his regime away, and that they will be able to build a democracy, that responds to their needs. I pray that Egypt will experience prosperity, and true freedom. Freedom to speak up, to fight injustice, and to stand against other countries trying to impose their interests. I pray that the selfish, greedy attitude of countries like Israel will no longer have a place in this world, because people will not accept it anymore. Egypt has given us hope, and we must do everything in our power to not let it go to waste.


One Response to “Egypt belongs to its people!”

  1. Marahm February 3, 2011 at 4:37 pm #

    Yes, yes, yes, and I love your photo of the joined hands over the Egyptian flag!

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